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Jeff Young is a passionate Observer and astro artist with a breath taking home and observatory in Louth, Ireland Jeff is an American who frequently returns home to observe under very dark Colorado skies.

His web site is excellent and very inspirational

Bernard Karpinsky the proprietor of Modern Astronomy is not only the best and most efficient astro kit retailer I have had the pleasure to deal with but when it comes to deep sky video and in Particular the range of Watec & Mintron cameras (which I’m a great advocate of) he really is the man! Knowledgeable, honest & patient, another thing is he actually uses them for his own observing too.

I’m a proud  member of the Norwich Astronomical Society, not because they are close to me geographically, they aren’t, but because they are close to me in mutual interest.

A good number of members are avid and practical astronomers, getting out there under dark skies as often as possible. I think I’m safe in saying that the NAS has the largest number of large aperture Dobsonian telescopes amongst its members than any other UK society!

In addition the society has an excellent and very well equipped observatory facility at a dark site location south of Norwich at Seething.