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The Historic Hay-Steavenson Telescope

On Saturday June 25th 2010 the historically important 12.5” F7 Calver Newtonian reflecting telescope once the property of the famous 1930’s and 40’s stage and screen comedian Will Hay was transferred from its location at Thame Oxfordshire to the Chippingdale observatory in North East Hertfordshire.

This section of the website is dedicated to this telescope, its history, maker, previous owners and custodians and the move to its current location.

The picture of Will Hay and the 12.5” Calver which appeared in the Daily Mirror following his discovery of the ‘Great White Spot’ on Saturn in 1933

Rare Video Footage of Will Hay being Interviewed

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The Dismantling and Moving of the HST Telescope

Refurbishing the HST Calver Telescope