Blog Monday Feb 14th 2011


Valentine’s Day evening an out in the observatory! Naughty but true! Actually the truth is Lady Luna is the other women in my life ;¬)

I wasn’t out for long just 60 minutes or so. I went out specifically with the intention of making a lunar sketch, of what I had no idea at the time; as usual I was going to let my eye be taken. The past few lunar sketches I have produced by using my old Mintron Video camera & 6” refractor displaying a live image onto one of the b&w security monitors in the observatory office.

With the Mintron now fitted with a wide angle lens for a general low mag sky view I used the older Watec 120N instead. I needed a Moon filter to reduce the brightness so the more sensitive camera could cope and a x2 barlow lens to get the magnification (image scale) up.

It wasn’t long as I scanned the terminator that my eye was caught by Krieger, not that I knew it was Krieger until the post sketch research! I used my usual, pastels & pastel pencil combination on black stiff artist paper to make my sketch. I find this very enjoyable and most relaxing, I didn’t use to, but as I have become more practiced the anxiety associated with ‘trying to do a good job’ has abated. 20-30 minutes and all was complete, sketch target identified, sprayed off with fixer and packed away for scanning the next morning. Here is the sketch and here is a composite that my friend Frank McCabe kindly put together showing my sketch alongside a low res digital eyepiece snaps he took of Krieger under similar illumination, I simply delighted with the match :¬)

Pax Stellarum, Dale