This is the second go at this blog, just lost the first before I managed to post it, so now I’m not happy so this one is going to be short!

27th Dec 2017 was snowy, made sure obsy would open in the day after snow stopped. That evening I got out and made 2 observations in Auriga.

First was IC 410 the Tadpole nebula, my sketch using the 20″ and Watec shows some tadpole detail and lots of stars from NGC 1893

IC 410 showing some ‘tadpole’ detail and lots of stars from NGC 1893

After a break indoors I caught a rare galaxy in Auriga, found by W Hershel in March 1793, likely his faintest and most distant discovery. Mag 15, distance 895 Mly. There was also another tiny companion at the end of one arm, unidentified at the time of writing!

NGC 2387 Herschel’s toughest observation!

After nabbing these 2 observations I had a tough job to close the obsy which was very frozen and still snow covered. I had to use pieces of timber to lever the 2 separate roof leaves closed! Not fun at midnight, -5 and trying to be quiet.

Happy New year if I don’t get another chance to observe, hope 2018 is going to be my best ever for observing 🙂 Dale