Firstly from Dec 14th a lucky observation just after dark and before the cloud rolled in! Very cold. Arp 112 is a delightful trio in Peg. The central galaxy is NGC 7806 mag 14.3 1.1′ x 0.8′ a hint of a spiral arm pointing down can just be seen in my sketch. To the right is NGC 7805 mag 13.3 1.2′ x 0.9′ and to the left the svelte tiny arc of MGC+5-1-26 at mag 16.5 and 0.6′ x 0.2′

Arp 112 a beautiful trio

I next got out a day later but at the other end of the night 5am rather than 5pm! 0n Dec 16th I revisited M90 the bright mag 10.3 spiral in Virgo. Interestingly I had never noted the companion actually attached by a faint arm IC 3583 is mag 13.3 they are actually 100,000 light years apart. together they are Arp 76.

Messier 90 & IC 3583 make up Arp 76

With still time for another observation before it gets too light, I look at the many nearby Messier galaxies, pulling down my Messier file I look through and finding no sketch of Messier 91! Really, I need to put that right! M90 or NGC 4548 is a classic barred spiral galaxy in Coma Berenices. Mag 10.1 5.4′ x 4.3′. 53 MLY distant and 83,000ly across.

Messier 91, a long overdue sketch!

*note the 2 small galaxies above and below M91 right at the edges