Well after having a great time at Kelling Heath in September, warm weather and some pretty good observing. Especially with my 6″ binoculars, Steve Loveday’s incredible 8″ binoculars and Andrew Robertson’s 24″ The big refracting binoculars do give such a unique almost 3D image with a very wide view, the brain seems so much happier working with both eyes and delivers such detailed widefield views.

Then a few weeks later I’m at the Breckland star party at Haw Wood Farm Hinton, Suffolk, a much smaller affair but with better skies than Kelling and great horizons 🙂

From this location I was able to view the Helix nebula, a tricky target from the UK as it is so low. I observed it with my 6″ binoculars on Oct 13th and with Andrew Robertson’s undriven 18″ Dob, at the end of the observations I made a sketch from memory and the next night observed it again with Andrew’s 18″ when I added the stars in. UHC filters were used with all observations. The sketch isn’t an accurate as my usual video work but hopefully captures the visual impression quite well?

Image cropped and inverted