Great sketch made by my great friend and fellow sketcher during totality, south Illinois

Franks Eclipse drawing

“Drawing of Totality during the August 21, 2017 Eclipse

   We viewed the eclipse from a town 15 minutes to the south of Johnston City namely  Marion, Illinois. We had heavy cloud cover the afternoon of the previous day. At noon on the day of the event cumulous cloud began building. As we approached totality the clouds began to collapse due to the decrease of heat convection as the Sun disappeared behind the Moon. The temperature (104?F/40?C) at first contact which fell to (91?F/33?C) at totality. It was breezy at totality. I made a few drawing between first and second contact and recorded notes throughout the event. I did not see any interference bands on a nearby white building before and between Bailey’s beads and the Diamond ring or at any other time. I pulled the filter off the telescope and took a 15 second look to make marks for drawing after the event was over. I am sure I missed things but even 2 minutes 20 seconds is too short for me to make a decent sketch. My daughter Michelle  and soon Tommy helped with words describing how they saw things. Three other relative were there to look through the telescope as well. I got the general extent of the corona over most of totality by naked eye views and two obvious proms in the 15 seconds I had at the eyepiece. The high humidity and numerous clouds below 40 degrees altitude kept the sky brighter than I expected. We were unable to see any stars like Regulus but all of us viewed Jupiter and Venus. It was well beyond words to witness all this.”


” Dale, you would have loved this; I wish you were here for this).”


Drawing Materials used Post Eclipse


Dark blue/gray drawing paper 8.5” x 11”

Pastel pencils (black and white) and one pink oil pastel crayon

Clipboard, blending stumps.

Baader Solar filter before and after totality

Telescope: 4.25” f/5 homemade Dobsonian 26 and 28mm eyepieces

cvWeather: Warm and humid