An interesting day weather wise, warm & sunny then rain and finally falling temperatures as dusk descends and the sky clears.

I make an agreement  my wife that after dinner that I will go into the observatory, get some observing done and return to the house by 9pm in time to share the latest episode of the exceptionally good BBC drama ‘Taboo’ with her 🙂

I look on the Webb society web site, Owen’s latest galaxy of the month in Gemini I have already sketched, as I have for Wolfgang’s object of the season, and the lovely spiral featured as image of the month is too low for the UK, I did check to see if I might just get a hint of it 😉

So it was back on the Arp trail for me. The goto was spot on tonight, slewing from startup to Procyon in the East and putting it into the tiny fov! Then up to Pollux and then to Castor before slewing to ARP 143.

Wow! what an interesting and unusual pair of interacting galaxies in Lynx making up this Arp, 143 is a member of the class ‘Material Emanating from E Galaxies’. The Atlas note says “diffuse counter filament”. The north galaxy (bottom) is NGC 2444 and the very strange beast to the south is NGC 2445. The two galaxies appear to flow into one another. There is a lot fine detail visible in the image on my CRT monitor. The little spiral near the lower left of my sketch (northwest) is CGCG 206-22.
NGC 2444 is mag 14.2 NGC 2445 is mag 13.9. I made the sketch on Jan 28th 2017 using the 505mm mirror and cooled Watec 120N+ deep sky video camera. N is down in the sketch.

Unusual Arp 143

My SQM showed 20.60 as I closed up at 8.55 local time to go indoors, what a result 🙂

Happy, Dale