On the evenings of Sat Jan 21st and Sunday 22nd, I had a quite good run of observations and sketches. My sky meter showed an SQM of 20.98 on Sat night and 20.78 on Sunday night both good readings for my location, the Sat reading being exceptional.

Starting off with this large and well know planetary nebula in Canis minor Abell 21 The Medusa nebula was too large to fit into my narrow fov so I sketched the most interesting section.

Abell 21 aka The Medusa Nebula

Next came another Abell planetary Abell 24, this one I hadn’t observed before, it was smaller and fitted nicely into the Watec video cameras fov.

Abell 24 a planetary in Canis Major

Next a nice open cluster NGC 2355 again in Canis Minor that I literally bumped into whilst slewing around , this I sketched with the 6″ refractor and Watec video cam which captured the whole of the cluster, whereas the 20″ only showed part of it albeit with many more stars!

NGC 2355

stopped off and sketched a very attractive human eye shaped galaxy in C minor, it also reminded me of the old ATV television logo for those of you English and old enough to remember that? It had some interesting brighter regions either side of the central nucleus. I also detected a tiny fuzzy galaxy to the lower left in the sketch.

Galaxy NGC 2350

Completing the Sat night session was a faint UGC galaxy 3946, a rectangular shape with no obvious nucleus, note also the faint galaxy (unknown) to the bottom right of the main galaxy.

UGC 3946 a rectangular galaxy in Canis Minor


On Sunday night, I grabbed just on observation but it was a good one, an Arp galaxy Arp 89. I noted that Mark Bratton had confused this in his superb Herschel Objects book with Arp 84 in Leo, they actually look quite alike. You can not only see the main galaxy NGC 2648 interacting with the much smaller edge on, conected by a faint bridge, but if you look to the right of the bottom of NGC 2648 you can make out a tiny faint C shaped unknown galaxy.

Arp 89 in Cancer

That concludes 2 nights of excellent deep sky astronomy 🙂