On Jan the 2nd I got my chance to catch up with the galaxies in Gemini that the fog thwarted me on in my last blog.

These are the Dec galaxy (s) of the month as suggested by Owen Brazell of the Webb Society. I star hoped with my narrow fov to Pollux (beta Gemorium) and from there to NGC 2487 and its close companion NGC 2486.

NGC 2487 & NGC 2486 a lovely duo in Gemini

A nice pair but the didn’t just ‘pop’ on the monitor once again I had to work hard with settings, timings etc on the camera and also on the monitor to bring out the detail in the galaxies, spiral structure in NGC 2487 and the 2 dark regions and extended nucleus in NGC 2486, I begining to think that my mirror has lost to much reflectivity and requires recoating as I’m just not getting that ‘wow’ anymore.

When I looked up these galaxies for info on the Webb Society web site I noted that it had been up-dated an Owen had added a new galaxy of the month for Jan, or to be more precise a group of galaxies with NGC 2289 being the primary member. With the group also being in Gemini I saw no reason to track them down.

Currently being in southern Gem I hoped up past Castor and onto the busy little group which fitted nicely into the Watec’s narrow fov. There were lots of stars in the field I have certainly seen plenty of less rich designated clusters! Once I had added the stars I sketched in the 5 galaxy members. In the orientation of my sketch with N down they are from the top as follows NGC 2290, tiny NGC 2288, NGC 2289, with NGC 2291 at the lower centre and the N-S elongated NGC 2294 to the lower left.

The NGC 2289 group in Gemini

Not a bad observing session, SQM meter read 20.53 which for my location these days was a bit above average.

Clear skies, Dale