A bitterly cold and frosty day gave way to another clear night, but these recent clear nights have been plagued with fog! My village sits at the base of hills to the North, East & West with a gentle rise to the south consequently we suffer with heavy cold air and fog lingering when conditions are right, often remaining all day.

Anyhow last night I wanted to take a look at Owen Brazell of the Webb Societies galaxy of the season NGC 2487 in Gemini. I opened the obsy under a clear sky and star hoped to beta Genorium just a very short hop from the target, I had promised Tracey my wife I would watch a TV documentary with her about Adele the singer at 9pm local time. I was happy that when I returned Gemini would be in an even more favourable position. The fact is when I returned at 10pm the fog was that thick I couldn’t see a single star naked eye!  The Watec was showing it readily enough at a low setting so I slewed to the galaxy and ramped up the camera settings, but even the Watec video camera couldn’t gather enough light to show NGC 2487!

Frustrated Dale

On the brighter side my friend Simon Kidd grabbed a couple of cracking Mars images despite its tiny size and massive distance, sharing these below.