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Arp 65 under a first quarter Moon

Yay I got out again 🙂 I was straight onto a rather attractive Arp 65, a pair of NGC galaxies, just to the mid left of the square of Peg. NGC 91 is the attractive central spiral (mag13.6) with NGC93 to the left (mag13.3). “Tiny companion galaxies lie off projected ends of both spiral arms”

I got some of the companions, but no all I’m sure, a good observation though and another Arp tick for me 🙂

NGC 91 & NGC 93 make up Arp 65

Arp 13

Continuing with my renewed vigour I grabbed a small break in cloud last night to grab an observation and sketch. It isn’t the most exciting galaxy so I wont post this on social media, but as I’m working through the Arp’s I can’t just pick the cherries 😉

Located in Pegasus, very close to alpha Pegasi. Quite bright mag 11.6, elongate N-S. Described as a spiral with detached segments. I noted a bright nucleus, and a brighter region on the northern tip, down in my drawing. I saw the galaxy as having a slightly curved nature. Drawing made on 25-10-17 using the 505mm mirror and Watec 120N+ Cooled video camera.

Arp 13 NGC 7448

Back in business

Hello again,

I’m doing and getting stuck into some observation after a relatively long quiet period.


I got out in the observatory last night and made a sketch I had not researched a target, just went for Peg galaxies I sketched NGC 7549 which is a 13th mag stunner. Researching it this morning I see it forms part of Arp99 and Hickson 93 so I had observed & sketched it before! Although not as a standalone object. Should research before observing!!

Still avery nice object and I pulled out some good detail with the 20″ and cooled Watec 120N+.

Best wishes, Dale

P..S. the galaxy to the left is NGC 7553

NGC 7549 a stunning galaxy in Pegasus


Star Parties

Well after having a great time at Kelling Heath in September, warm weather and some pretty good observing. Especially with my 6″ binoculars, Steve Loveday’s incredible 8″ binoculars and Andrew Robertson’s 24″ The big refracting binoculars do give such a unique almost 3D image with a very wide view, the brain seems so much happier working with both eyes and delivers such detailed widefield views.

Then a few weeks later I’m at the Breckland star party at Haw Wood Farm Hinton, Suffolk, a much smaller affair but with better skies than Kelling and great horizons 🙂

From this location I was able to view the Helix nebula, a tricky target from the UK as it is so low. I observed it with my 6″ binoculars on Oct 13th and with Andrew Robertson’s undriven 18″ Dob, at the end of the observations I made a sketch from memory and the next night observed it again with Andrew’s 18″ when I added the stars in. UHC filters were used with all observations. The sketch isn’t an accurate as my usual video work but hopefully captures the visual impression quite well?

Image cropped and inverted

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