Observation of Arp 286 Sunday April 12th 2015

I have a number of observing posts I need to post, but here I’m sharing, quickly my latest observation.

Owen Brazell had suggested that I might take a look at galaxy IC 1101 which is the largest known galaxy, it lies in the constellation of Virgo and is a member of  Abell 2029. At Mag 14.7 it is likely to be testing visually from the UK.

I returned from a party at 01.30am and as it was clear rather than go to bed I went into the observatory, I star hopped into Virgo without issue hower the planetarium software I am currently using didn’t pull up either IC 1101 or Abell 2029 so I went by the co-ordinates that Owen had given but failed after 30 minutes + to locate the group. Not wishing to go away empty handed I picked out what sounded like an interesting Arp group close by and well placed to add to my collection. Arp 286 turned out to be a real stunning trio, it again took me a while to get them onto the video cameras chip due to its small FOV but when I did, Wow! Here is a Hubble Image that made Astronomy picture of the day back in 2010

http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap100813.htmlMy humble sketch obviously dosen’t compare with such splendor it does however show the morphology of the galaxies and their position.

Arp 286 a cropped section of the original drawing.

Here for completness is the whole page complete with details of the groups members

Annotated full observation

And so to bed, very tired but happy at getting something.