Missed a nice clear night on the 24th as I was
completely shattered after a very early start and a long day! So when Wed 25th
started looking promising for another clear evening I was determined not to
miss out again!

With a nice waxing crescent Moon well placed that was my
first stop off, away from the terminator craters Capella and Isidorus  on the northern edge of the nectar sea really
caught my eye so I concentrated on them using the view through the 6” refractor
with x2 barlow and Watec 120N+ camera for my study.

I didn’t rush the sketch, I tried various different mediums,
Pastel, china marker, acrylic paint, water colour pencil, HB pencil and black
ink to achieve my rather stark rendition.

Capella & Isidorus


I moved onto Jupiter and for the first time ever I made a
sketch of a planet from the monitor image, there was just about enough detail
showing to make it interesting enough. The Image scale could have been bigger,
I think I need to try a x3 barlow, but this makes the image very susceptible to
seeing, the same as pushing the magnification too far for a straight visual. I
simply used a graphite pencil for planetary detail and a watercolour pencil was
for the sky, it was quick and fun and I want to do it again.